Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Padlet - Collaborating and Sharing Made Easy (Padlet ELITE 1)

Collaboration is easy, fun, and engaging with Padlet!

Whiteboards are amazing--the open space, the endless possibilities.  They are incubators for collaboration and innovation.

Padlet is the 2.0 version of the whiteboard.  It's digital--you can post and organize your ideas, and collaborate with students or colleagues.  Leave a note, add an image, insert a link, post a video.  All things are possible with Padlet.  And it's free.

Give it a try.

Immersion Activity:
This activity was created to introduce you to the potential of Padlet quickly.
Follow these steps to become a contributor to my...wait for it...Minecraft Padlet!

Your Task: Post to our padlet.  Share a resource, idea, or opinion.  Here's how:

  1. Click here to open the padlet.
  2. Double-click on an open space in the padlet to add a post.
  3. Add a title and text.
  4. Click on the icons at the bottom of your post to add a link, file, or picture.
Now, take a moment to post to our Minecraft padlet.  Don't take your post too seriously, but please contribute.


  • For an in-depth walkthrough on all of Padlet's free-to-play features, check out Jamie Keet's video:
Note: Anyone can post to Padlet, but if you want to create your own padlets, use your Google ID to create an account.  

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