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That noisy tab.

Find and extinguish that noise!

I love the right click. Right clicking can reveal a hidden menu in many programs and sites. Here is one that really stands out.

Have you ever found yourself with about a million tabs open? I find myself in that situation almost everyday. There are times when one of those tabs has some video or audio playing. Try this simple tip to silence it with a right click.

Look for the little speaker icon on a tab.

Right click on the tab. Click Mute tab.

The tab now displays a muted speaker.

Once upon a time...

Storify is an easy-to-use website for telling stories through social media.  In this Storify article, a simple hashtag system is used to get feedback from educators all over the state of Missouri:

To get started, log into Storify with your Twitter account, Facebook account, or create a new account.  Drag and drop sources into your article from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, websites, and more.  This is what your editing screen will look like.  Your article on the left, social media resources on the right:

Storify has potential for so many uses in the classroom, including:
Curating class discussionsSocial storytelling about world events as they happenCollecting and sharing diverse perspectives on polarizing topicsBuilding historical narratives, integrating a variety of media into one placeCreating a multimedia book report that connects readers with the author and settingBlogging, of course! How would you use Storify?

Proven way to get people to respond.

Pathway by Josh G.
So you send an email and no one responds. No one picks up the phone to call you. That is kinda unfortunate. There might be one tiny little thing you can do to up those odd and get that call back. Pop open your email and look at your signature. Does it have your phone number listed? No? Check out this wicked simple how-to.
Open your email. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.

Click Settings in the drop down menu.

Scroll down until you see the signature section.
Add anything you are missing.
See the above sample for things that are required.

Scroll to the bottom after you have fixed your signature.
Click Save Changes.