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Which service do you use?

Which service do you use? by Matthew Trudeau Photography
Here are a couple of stations that we have come across over the years that teachers use in their classrooms.
Pandora Thanks to Becky Donze for suggesting The Vitamin String Quartet. This station plays all the hits you love with one tiny twist, all the songs are instrumental. I promise it won't disappoint.Mike Kuhn suggested George Winston. All mellow piano music. Excellent background music while working.
Songza Doug Barton recommended the Focus-Enhancing Soundscapes. It is crazy how this really helps you disappear into your work.
Spotify Check out the genres & moods section. 
Has anyone found similar school-friendly playlists on Apple Music?
Share your favorite stations in the comments.

Getting new glass was like getting a new face. Time to update.

So I got new glasses the other day.
I thought it might be a good time to update my Google profile picture. Maybe you also got some new specs, a fancy new hair style, etc and want to spiffy up your profile pic.

Updating your Google profile picture. 1. Login to your district Gmail.

2. Click the head in the upper right corner.

3. Click Change photo.

4. Select or drag a new photo.

5. Adjust and hit the blue button.

 Having trouble with your profile pic? Send us a message.

ALERT! (Using Google Alerts as your research robot.)

Do you ever Google things?

Google alerts will crawl the web looking for your specific topic. It will then email you once a day or once a week depending on how you set it up.
I have used this for when Eddie Bauer pants go on sale, when people post about iPads in K-2, anytime someone uses Colin Davitt or Davitt.  
Why do I want an email about when the pants go on sale?  I hate shopping. I hate looking for sale items. Google can send me an email when there is a sale.
Why an email about iPads in K-2? We had some trouble finding information about iPads in the primary grades. We turned over the research to Google and let it find us solid links. This saved us about 15 hours worth of pointless Googling.
Why the Colin Davitt or Davitt search? I wanted to be alerted when someone was posting about me. I want to keep tabs on what is happening on the web so I can react if needed.
How could you use it? for new lesson ideastips for parent teacher conferencesnew streaming videos on Netflixnew restaurants in…

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My ELMO Gone? (Reinstall the software.)

Why isn't the ELMO software already on my laptop?
Elmo, free-falling by Guy Reynolds
Simple answer is we have many types of ELMOs. This post will help you quickly identify and install the proper software.

Note: We are using Chrome for the install process. We always recommend using Chrome for daily internet use.

Step 1
Pick the image that matches your ELMO.

Do the buttons on your ELMO match the above image? (square) Download this drive and proceed to step 2.

Do the buttons on your ELMO match the above image? (round) Download this drive and proceed to step 2.

Step 2 This folder will soon appear in the lower left corner of your screen. Click and drag it to your desktop. (Your folder may have a different number than you see in this image.)

Step 3 Right click on this folder. (See image below.)Choose Extract all.Then click Extract.Open the new ImageMate folder that appears on the screen.

Step 4 Double click this icon to install the Image Mate software. It will say either IM or Image Mate Setup. (Y…

Notifications - Will this be epic or annoying?

New content notifications in the Classroom App!

Notifications will pop on when you add new content! Check out Google Apps Updates for more information.