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Totally ignore what I said about Google+.

Not really but just maybe.

by GotCredit
Remember when we posted about using Google+ to backup your photos and videos? Last week at Google I/O they announced a new app called Photos. This app will backup just like Google+ but it no longer requires you to have a Google+ account.


Nothing has changed that much. You can still find all your images on Google+ and you can also find all your images on Photos.

Install the app and get backing up! This app does allow you to edit the photos and create things like collages. Very simple and easy.

To learn more see this official Google post about Photos.

Note: I use this app on the district iPad to backup and my Android phone. Wicked handy.

iPad - Reimage Time! (Elementary Teachers)

Please email Doug or Colin ASAP if you have issues backing up your iPad.

Quick post about preparing your iPad for this Friday.

Backing Up
How to backup the images on your iPad. (This could take some time if you have a lot of images. I think a lot of images is over 1,000. I believe if your iPad goes to sleep during the process your images will NOT upload. Keep that iPad awake!)

How to redownload your apps after your iPad is reimaged.

1. Open the App Store and click on Purchased at the bottom of the screen.
2. Click on the cloud with a downward facing arrow to redownload the apps you had on your iPad.

Please email Doug or Colin ASAP if you have issues backing up your iPad.

Authentic learning - music to my (their) ears!

In and around educational and instructional technology circles, one of the trendiest terms being talked about is authentic.  We all know what the word means, but does it really make a difference in education?


When learning is authentic, students learn more.  The educational tails trailing "authentic" often include problems, questions, audience, and feedback.

In a musician's world, authentic is normally associated with performing a piece beautifully with the right notes, tone, precision, balance, and emotion for family, friends, and judges (authentic audience).

Now to the reason I wrote this blog.  What I saw this past Friday in L. Michelle Howard's orchestra classroom took authentic to another level!  Watch this video (apologies for sound quality...just imagine my recording sounded great!):

What did you see?  What was authentic?  Well, hopefully you noticed the projection screen and a man named Darol Anger (via Google Hangouts) bobbing along to the beat as the…