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So many pictures! How do I find what I want quickly?

I currently have 134 gigs of pictures in my Google Photos. I'm not sure of the math but I'm pretty sure that is tens of thousands of pictures. Sometimes it can be really difficult to find what I am looking for.

I used to open up the Google Photos tab in Google Drive. Scrolling through the endless photos isn't the best use of time.

Here are a few ways I have found to make the hunt slightly easier.

I start by visiting - I am presented with a new screen full of various options.
By clicking on the search bar the screen changes and presents you with a number of options. Most of these choices are self explanatory. I do love the idea of click on the faces of my children, I get all kinds of images I had totally forgotten about. It is similar to that Facebook feature but so many more images to view.
Another option is search by date. I typed in July and up popped a huge number of vacation images from the past ten years. 
Click the hamburger icon in the upper left…

Chrome: Check this out!

A tiny number of tabs... but soon it becomes out of control!     
     Here are two Chrome extensions I find super useful. By the end of the day I usually have 30-50 tabs open which can cause issues. I would highly recommend using them even if you don't collect tabs like I do.

The Great Suspender
     Too many tabs can cause a drain on your system resources. This extension will suspend, put to sleep, any tab that is left idle over time. To awaken the tab just click in the middle of the page. You can add any page to the whitelist so it never gets suspended. I usually just add my calendar and email. I would assume teachers would also add SIS.

OneTab      I just added this one recently. When I find myself with too many tabs I can just click one button and all the tabs will be put on one page in a simple list. I think this is a great way to save my thinking after a long period of researching a topic.

Warm Up with Reading!

Did you know the amazing new Grant's View branch opens on Tuesday? Someone shared with me about a dozen images of what this new space looks like and it is beyond comprehension! You really need to swing by and take a look.

While you are there why not sign up for their winter reading program. It is open for everyone, kids and adults. The kids and I are signed up and have been reading a bunch today.
Sam and I reading at Starbucks today.

Help! Why is Google Music/Spotify/etc blocked? (It really isn't!)

Take a look at the screenshot above.  Both are for Google Music. The first result is an ad. If I click on that link it will come up as blocked. I can tell it is an ad by the little tiny yellow icon that says ad. Those generally won't ever open on campus.

Quizizz - an update

Fun Formative Feedback!

What is Quizizz?
Check out the post we wrote a while back. Quizizz is very similar to Kahoot! but it appears to be a little more friendly with out network.

Getting Started (in a snap)

Quizizz Walkthrough (by Quizizz)
Why Quizizz? network friendlyfast to set upfast for kids to use

Resources Quizizz Teacher ResourcesKahoot! or Quizizz - our blogpost

Poll Everywhere - Perfect for fast formative feedback

Fast Formative Feedback!

What is this Poll Everywhere you speak of?
     Poll Everywhere engages your class in deep learning by creating live word clouds, collects anonymous feedback, or through check-ins on learning goals. All of this happens at the speed of light and with a simple click of a button.
     This post will step you through the process of using Poll Everywhere for fast assessment. You can always extend this idea by adding a series of complex questions but don't get too carried away.

Getting Started A short video to get you started using Poll Everywhere.

A demo on how to use Poll Everywhere inside your Google Slides presentation. You will need to download this Chrome extension to activate this feature.
Why Poll Everywhere?

fast!easy for youeasy for your studentsintegrates directly into Google Slides
Resources Poll Everywhere New to Google Slides - Live, embedded polling with Poll EverywhereEducation GuideFAQUser Guide

Chromecamp - all thing Chrome and Google

Join many educators from the area on Jan 16th from 8:30-12:00 for some exciting session based on all things Chrome and Google. This event is 100% run by those who attend making it a very unique learning event. We would highly recommend checking it out.

Sign up here. This event is free!

What is an edcamp?

Autoplay is driving me a bit nutty!

Want to stop the autoplay feature? Start playing a YouTube video. Look in the lower right corner of the video. Click the autoplay button. Green- autoplay all day Gray - no more autoplay

Songza - It was nice to know ya!

All things come to an end.

On Jan. 31, 2016 Songza will shut down for good. I kinda saw this coming when Google bought them over a year ago.

No worries. Just surf over to Google Music and check that out. Google music is free but they do have an upgrade for $9.99 a month and that comes with YouTube Red! Seriously! No more ads in or on your videos.

Should we do a blog post about Google Music? Leave us a comment on the blog or the Facebook page.


Fast Formative Assessment!

Over the past couple of weeks we have helped a number of teachers set up and use flubaroo. This tool is so quick and easy we thought it wouldn't hurt to create another post about it.

All it takes is 2-6 clicks and BAM! your Google Forms quiz is graded. This gives you back valuable classroom time to spend differentiating, teaching, etc...

Just take two minutes to watch this flubaroo demonstration to get you on your way.