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Inspiring Students with Skype: An Example

Lexie Weitzel is inspiring Contemporary Issues students to change their world.

This past Friday, her classes spoke (via Skype) with J.R. Biersmith, the Executive Director of Men in the Arena, a film in production about the Somali national soccer team.  As J.R. spoke about life in Somalia, the challenges (and dangers) of filming, and shared the stories of the young men on the soccer team, the dialogue between students and director became more empathetic, perceptive, and passionate.  Mrs. Weitzel's students made an emotional and personal connection with J.R.'s story.

One fifty-minute class period.  A lesson that goes beyond the walls of the classroom.  This is the beauty and power of Skype as a learning tool.

This unique Skype session will serve as inspiration for an upcoming project on Africa.  In teams, students will develop and publish social media and multimedia campaigns to raise awareness for worthwhile charities who are working to resolve problems such as malnutrition and…