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Fanfiction - How it can be fantastic for your classroom

I heard about this idea and was intrigued.  The whole idea of helping students become better writers is pretty simple.  They need to write and they need meaningful feedback to become strong writers.  Fanfiction has the ability to address both of those key points.   (I know I am over simplifying the process just a little.)  

What is fanfiction?
     Have you ever want to know more about a certain character in a book?  Has a book ever left you hanging and wanting more?  So many books with so many unanswered questions!  This is where the idea of fanfiction comes into play.  A fan of a particular book, series or character picks up where they believe the author left off.  They will create a new work of fiction based upon what they have read.  (It seems to work well if the student author really loves the book/series/character they are writing about.)

Fanfiction Examples

Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise PartyCam Jansen and the Fish FiascoCinderelly's Fairy Godmother
These examples appe…

Windows 8 ... I need some help!

(by capt. tim)
Have you taken a look at the moodle for assistance?

log in to the cloudclick Professional Developmentclick Windows 8

Are you looking to learn a little bit more about this new amazing system?  Here is a video and an article from Lifehacker that is pretty nice.  It talks about all types of things you can do with your new operating system.

What are you still wondering about?  Chime in here.  We are standing by to help and all you have to do is ask.