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Take a break and play a game!

Got your attention?

Here is an amazing learning opportunities for all your kids. Game play is a great way to explore and discover new learning. These simulations will cover many different subject and they are able to be embedded into websites and moodle courses.

They are broken down by grade level.

Why not check it out?   Simulation Games


Time is running out! Have you signed up for the most amazing learning opportunity? It is FREE!!! I have read about a number of these events and every post was out of this world. Click on this link and sign up! edcampstl

Youtube - The Gift the Keeps Giving

I learned something pretty amazing today from twitter. There is a area on youtube that has curated videos for teachers based upon a title or subject.

Take a look at the site. Youtube Teachers What can you find on this site?

Love This App

Check it out....Santa and the grinch. White Christmas App

Reader's Workshop-Taking Anecdotal Notes

Check out how Megan Vallis and Desiree Bagot are using Google Forms to keep anecdotal notes during reader's workshop. As the teacher, you create a form like this one. Here is how it looks as you are filling it out on your laptop.

Then you will be able to see the data in a form similar to Excel.  It looks something like this.

Here are the directions on how you can create and share a form in addition to using a form someone else has already created to make it your own.

I know... paper is dead but...

Do you recall those trapper keepers from long ago? There is a site that called LiveBinders that is very similar to that binder from long ago.

This LiveBinders site is full of some really good resources to print out and use in the classroom.


Check it out!   XtraMath is a Seattle-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to math achievement for all. Our goal is to develop effective, efficient, adaptive and intrinsically rewarding supplemental math activities and make them available for free. XtraMath Overview from XtraMath on Vimeo.

Using Epson Tools

Check out blogger Jessica Dimitro using her Epson toolbar for a brainstorming lesson.  She shared this on her blog and students commented on how they show good citizenship at home and at school.

Blog/QR tip

Great way to remind students to visit your blog. Make a QR code to put in their assignment book.

Live, Free Webcasts-Polar bears, Scientists, and the Artic

Communication in the 21st Century

ELITE training...great discussions about Facebook and blogging.