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Check Out this AWESOME Project

In our ELITE courses, we have been talking a great deal about BYOD-bring your own device. Mrs. Strebler decided to try out a new project. Click the link below to see the pictures her class took. She was inspired by this lesson on the Scholastic website. Here is the text she sent to her parents:

PEGS Parents, Mrs. Brooks and I were out yesterday at a Technology training. Part of what I did was create a Flickr account. Here is the link to it: In science, all of the classes are learning about plant and animal cells along with the 6 Kingdoms. As an extra credit assignment this weekend, if you have access to a cell phone that can take pictures you can email to my flickr account, please let your learner take some pictures of living things and send them to me. On Monday, we will use them to classify them into Kingdoms and Phyla (many tend to get this part confused). It could even be in the fungi, bacteria or protist kingdoms. My em…

Creating a QR code Treasure Hunt

Check out this awesome site to create a QR code Treasure hunt.  In four easy steps, you can have an easy activity to get students moving and learning with their mobile devices.

Powerful Tweet

Good point about 3:1. Ties back to my cooking/shop analogy. You don't have a stove for every kid, but they work in groups. #edchat from @geraldaungst

I really like to follow that hash tag #edchat

Is handwriting a thing of the past?

I was watching the CBS Sunday Morning show and this came on.  This topic is something that many of us have been talking about.  Is handwriting really dead or just changing?  Will there always be a need for pen and paper?  What are your thoughts?

What the clip and read about it here.

Food For Thought: Growth of Social Media

Read this article to see how social media such as facebook and twitter have experienced such stunning growth.  Amazing!

Science = fun? I thought it was boring...

This is a pretty moving video.  Some of the comments from the youtube page are pretty moving.  What if he was your high school science teacher?  Could he have altered your path?

ka-BOOM! This is an amazing blog post. Maybe the most moving in a year.

Stone Soup: A Classroom Parable

from The Blue Skunk Blog

MultiMedia Schools, Nov/Dec 1996
When Ms. Eastman returned to school one fall she found a large boulder had appeared in the middle of her classroom. It was about the size of washing machine, gray with silver glints, and could neither be ignored nor moved.
“I think you’ll just have to make the best of it,” the principal advised, unable to explain how or why it came to be there. “I think the Board may have wanted it, and the budget just won’t support hiring a professional rock mover,” he said in a single breath, and resumed his telephone conversation with the parent of child who had just eaten a wall-mounted pencil sharpener.

When Ms. Eastman’s students returned, they immediately pounced on the rock.
     “Hey, it’s like the one in my backyard.”
    “Check it out. It’s a throne.”
    “Nah, a bomber.”
    “It’s perfect for my desk!”
    “Where did it come from, why is it here, who gets to sit at it, why can’t we…

Blurb Your Blog
Check out this amazing website that allows you to turn (slurp) your blog into a book!  This site allows you to import your blog into easy to use software and turn your work into a beautiful coffee table piece of art.  Kelly P. at Long shares this with her parents at the end of the year as a class "yearbook" that they can order.  It is an awesome record of her year and a great reference to review the projects she did with her class.  Check it out today!  I plan on making one for my own personal blog.

Awesome Review....Epson Projector/Tools Tutorials

This is a collection of videos created in order to help you successfully use the Epson projector.
How to Calibrate Your Epson Projector

How to Find and Launch Your Epson Easy Interactive Tools

White Board Mode-Easy Interactive Tools

Importing a Picture with the Easy Interactive Tools

Using the Easy Interactive Tools-Pen

Additional Tools in Mouse Mode

Installing the Diigo toolbar.

This might be the most important step for using Diigo in the classroom. The tool bar will allow you quick access to many of the one-click powerful tools this site offers.

How to bookmark a site using the Diigo toolbar. (as easy as pie)

Check this out! Here is the simple process of saving a great site to your Diigo account. Stay tuned. The next exciting edition will show you how to find the sites you have saved to your account.

How to sign up for a Diigo account.

Watch this video for a quick explanation on the sign up process for Diigo. Don't forget the final step is clicking a link in your email.