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How long has this been a part of Seesaw?

I happened upon a new feature in Seesaw and thought I would share. Maybe it has been there for a while but this is the first time I saw it.

I know that you could always add something from the camera roll but there are times when a Google Doc would be more appropriate. They added a button that allows you to pull files in from other locations! To get started, just click.
Select the file location. I picked Drive.
I then navigated to the file. I tried a five page doc, worked like a charm!
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Free but time is running out!

Are you ready for the solar eclipse? Why not check out this free event happening in June to get you ready for the big event. It is totally free but you need to register.

Went to this last year and LOVED IT!

Why did I love it so much? It was tiny, super tiny. Sometimes I find larger edcamps hard to navigate, too many people. I think the St. Charles event was less than 100 people last year. I had many fun conversations, it made my day.
This is only a few hours on a Friday morning why not check it out.
I am 99.63% certain that I will be there, will I see you?
Sign up, it is free!

Set an alarm to smell the roses.

I have an Amazon Echo and a Google Home. This is my next purchase! How else will I know which way the wind is blowing?

Interested? Check out this page for more information.

Do What You Can't


I love the idea of a new phone. The other day Samsung released a new Galaxy so I tuned in to watch the show. At the end they played this video and I fell in love with the idea, do what you can't. It reminded me a lot of growth mindsets, positive attitudes and the Jar of Awesome.
Now that I have watched it a billion times, and currently listening to Rocket Man, I started to think about something I did recently, something I never thought I could do.
Back in February I was talking to Sarah Valter and she mention this idea of writing every day as a part of the Slice of Life, something the Two Writing Teachers did for the past ten years.
Writing something everyday that would be put online for people to read? No way, not in a million years. My writing skills are not publishable online and I was pretty sure that I had nothing to share. 
I put all the self doubt and fear aside and just jumped right in thanks to Sarah. One post every day for the whole month. I just wrote. I…

Lenka + Google Photos = Perfect B&W App Smash Up

I took this picture during our second spring break visit to the Snow Factory in the loop.  The app I used is called Lenka, a very simple black and white camera app for iOS and Android. While I like the images it takes I wanted to see what would happen if I took the editing a step further with Google Photos.
In the Lenka app I selected the image I wanted to edit and clicked the share button at the very bottom.
I scrolled and found the Upload to Photos button. Click that option. On the next screen click Upload.
I clicked the pencil icon at the bottom. This will allow me to start editing.
I adjusted the Light section a bit. 

Here is the final image. I'm not 100% happy with it yet but I can keep editing to make it perfect.
Sometimes I can get a perfect image from the Lenka app and other times I adjust it a bit to make some of the details a little sharper.
Side note: we would highly recommend trying out the Snow Factory. The wait can be long but it is worth it.

Taking It Up A Notch - Adding Text To Images

PicMonkey is a super app for editing and putting text on your images. This app will work on iOS and Android, so no matter what device you have this app is for you.

This post is dedicated to show you how to add text on your images.

Open PicMonkey. Scroll over a bit at the bottom to find the Text tool. Click on the tool.
Just start typing the text. You will see it start to appear on the screen. Click Done in the upper right corner.
Choose font and color. Click the check in the upper right corner when you are finished.
The final product, text on the image.
Super easy.
Super fast.