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Taking It Up A Notch - Adding Text To Images

PicMonkey is a super app for editing and putting text on your images. This app will work on iOS and Android, so no matter what device you have this app is for you.

This post is dedicated to show you how to add text on your images.

Open PicMonkey. Scroll over a bit at the bottom to find the Text tool. Click on the tool.
Just start typing the text. You will see it start to appear on the screen. Click Done in the upper right corner.
Choose font and color. Click the check in the upper right corner when you are finished.
The final product, text on the image.
Super easy.
Super fast.
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App Smashing - Making Images Pop

I know the idea of app smashing (or whatever you call it) is a big thing with Seesaw and other similar tools. I decided to try out this idea with two commonly used photo apps to see what I could do. Both are free and are very easy to use.

The effects are super amazing and I'm just getting started. By pairing these two apps I can get some of my pictures to a totally new level of amazing.

The kids and I spent some time walking around the sculpture park the other day and I snapped a few random photos. We found this piece and thought it looked interesting enough to take a few pictures of it. After reviewing the images I saw the angle was a little off so we thought it would be easy to fix it in an app.
We used PicMonkey and Google Photos to fix up the image into something we would be proud to print and hang. These two apps allowed us to take a so-so image and create something that would pop.
PicMonkey - App 1 of 2
We started by opening the PicMonkey app, then clicked on the image we w…

National Geographic + Mentor Text + Author = Amazed Kids

What if I told you that all you needed to do is click one button and a real author would appear right before your students?

That is exactly what happened over at Concord the other day. A group of excited second graders gathered around the carpet to hear Jill Esbaum talk and ask her questions.

She has written a number of books, some of which are even used a mentor texts in the Lucy Calkins series.

The advice and stories she told where exactly what you would want every child to hear. Jill talked about how she has to constantly edit, research and write to keep her craft sharp. Sometimes the publisher rejects her ideas but she never gets discouraged. I think some of the kids where pretty shocked that even a famous author gets turned down.

Best idea ever was matching up one of the authors with something the class is studying or writing about.

Interested in bringing in an author thought Skype? Check out this post for more information.

Pro Tips
Here are a few ideas on how to run something li…

Why does Google Docs keep correcting me!

Have you ever been typing and Google Docs keeps automatically changing the word on you to something that isn't correct? This is a similar experience like autocorrect when you are texting.

Example 1 - I'm typing your but it autocorrects to you're Example 2 - I typed 3/4 but it autocorrected to the smaller version.

Follow the steps below to fix the issue. 1. Click Tools. 2. Click Preferences.
1. Click the little X next to the incorrect autocorrect to delete it. 2. Click OK.

KEEP this idea in mind.

Google Keep is a simple Post-It Note site/app and it just got slightly better. I love using Keep as my scratch pad of ideas. The hard part was taking these ideas and quickly expanding upon them in Docs.

This is a screenshot of the app on my phone showing a series of notes I took about the upcoming solar eclipse. I could share these notes with Doug but they are not in any certain order. I needed to take it up a notch so I opened Google Docs.
1. Click Tools. 2. Click Keep notepad.

Your Keep notes will appear on the far right side of the screen. All you need to do is click/drag items to the Doc. 
This is such a fantastic addition to Docs. I can continue to brainstorm ideas in Keep and later expand on them in Docs.
Why not just do all the writing in Docs? Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by a huge blank page, Keep is just a tiny little digital Post-It. I'm pretty sure some of your students feel the same. Forward this post to them, you never know who could benefit.

Going lightspeed or kidspeed?

I sometimes wonder why I am in such a hurry. Are the deadlines real or somewhat flexible? Some days I find it nearly impossible to slow down.

I picked up Sam from school then headed over to Sappington today. I needed to get to a classroom and she was dawdling in the hallway reminiscing about the school store. I rolled my eyes and told her to step on it, we were burning daylight. I really actually say that, some holdover phrase from the Corps.

Did I need to be in a specific classroom at a precise second? Of course not. I'm not sure why we feel we must rush from thing to thing, appointment to whatever comes next.

I have no idea how I can slow down or allow things to just happen but I can sure try.

What about you? Feeling rushed by real or phantom deadlines too? How do we get off this crazy train and just enjoy the wonders of a random school store or that funny squirrel outside the window? Is it possible to just enjoy the seconds that pass without feeling rushed?

I remember watching NASA launch rockets in the classroom.

I remember my teacher rolling in a tiny TV on a huge cart so we could watch NASA launch a rocket into space. We spent what seemed like hours just waiting for those few explosive seconds.

I'm not sure why but it does not seem many of these launches are covered anymore and that is really unfortunate.

A few minutes ago Aidan, my 10 year old son, noticed that SpaceX was going to launch in less than an hour. He assumed it would be on TV but I'm pretty sure it won't. We have never had cable so that isn't an option.

I stumbled across the NASA live site. We discovered they live stream a lot of these launches. Check their website, maybe your students would be interested.